Friday, December 19, 2008

we're getting visitors for Christmas!

We are thrilled to be hosting my family's Christmas this weekend! They should be arriving any minute. We're having "Christmas Morning" tomorrow first thing...right after a nice big breakfast!

And in the spirit of several of my friends giving guided tours through their Christmas traditions and decor, I thought I give you a quick peek. We already shared many of our traditions in our video blog 2 weeks ago. So this quickie will focus mostly on the small decor we've got going on. I try to add little by little each year...but I restrain myself to shopping after Christmas when all is 75% its a bit of a slow process.
Since we rent, we are limited in what we can hang due to the location ofnailholes... but we've been able to put a few things up.the stunning douglas

This little ornament is one of my favorite touches.
Belle inherited our Charlie Brown tree I bought for 5 bucks at a yard sale the summer before we married. She adores this tree. First thing every morning - I mean the very first words out of her mouth - "Christmas lights on!"

And I just adore these tea towels: They're Country Living and way too cute to use in the kitchen!

And presents under the tree for those near and dear to our hearts.

I just LOVE getting Christmas cards, but our refrigerator quickly became overpopulated. So I had to find somewhere else to display them. This table is one of my all-time favorite yard sale finds. Its an antique communion table & fits just perfectly behind our lovin' seat. We used the branches Aron trimmed from our tree for greenery.
And you've already seen our new stockings...
And that's about it. I've got a few ideas brewing for next year. But I've gotta hit some antique shops while we're vacationing home to be able to pull it off!
much love to you all
and a very merry christmas


Kelly said...

Beautiful as always. I also forgot to mention that the embroidered stocking looks much nicer than my suggestion, the "iron ons". I see why you took your time. Have a nice visit.

j said...

Beautifully done! I love all of your little "touches"...the garage sale communion table is fabulous! And Belle's Charlie Brown Tree is darling! You have great style girl! Enjoy your Christmas with family!

(it's christmas with my family in saline today too!)

beckyjomama said...

You are so stinkin' cute!!! I love your flair - that table ... I am taking you garage saleing with me from now on!!!

Amber said...

I love the picture that you have on the present. I'm going to have to steal that idea.