Thursday, April 2, 2009

an afternoon out

60 degrees isn't exactly warm, but in a Michigan spring, we'll take it. So we headed out to the playground this afternoon. Time to fill our lungs with fresh air!
It has been waaaay too long since we've done this!

Growing brave...
and climbing to new heights.
"I'll catch you daddy," Belle told Aron.

Aron was kind enough to hold my purse while I played...and I quote:"Its a European handbag, hun; I hear they're all the rage."
The view from your shoulders is fantastic, daddy.


beckyjomama said...

Not only does that look so stinkin fun, but those are some AMAZING (and, might I ad, ARTSY) shots. Very nice!

socailxxparanorm said...

you take the most amazing pictures like really! wowza... im in photo and im not even that good...

Amber said...

I didn't know what okra was until I went to Oklahoma for college. It is disgusting. It's a southern food. It's a green "vegetable". I think of it as a weed. The most popular way to eat it is to cut it up and deep fry it.

If you boil it, slime comes out of it. I won't touch it.

Woollard House said...

There is only one way that that could look mor fun, if i was there!!

j said...

Hard to believe that was last week! This MI weather is ready for our vacation!

I love what you've done with your got some great shots and some nice creativity with them (especially like the black&white/partial color of Belle and daddy on slide) Very cool!

So you think little baby girl's profile looks like Brookie? How sweet. I tried hunting down her 5 month ultrasound pics last night and don't know where they are? (that's unlike me) Brayden's aren't as clear and it's hard to compare.

I can't stop thinking about my new little growing daughter. She is occupying my every thought and I am so in love. Are you feeling the same way about your son? I just can't wait to meet her.

Woollard House said...

It looks like we will hav to go there nxt time we come up........sounds like a plan to me!