Thursday, April 30, 2009

a breath of fresh air

We rarely let a trip home escape without a hike to Eagle Creek from Uncle Ray's property...and this time was no exception. Infact, we've taken our nephews and niece since they were itty bitty, so even if we tried to skip a year, they wouldn't have it!
(Belle's holding up the hawk feather she found in this photo)This hike was full of hidden treasures and surprises. We hadn't even descended over the first hill and Duke cornered a very saucy snapping turtle.
look how ferocious that thing is! And we had to hold the growing chicks before we left!

Down the creek bed.
Where Luke found an old hatchet.
And Belle found a hawk feather.
A steep climb up to the ridge. Grace brought her critter catcher...just in case we got lucky.
We came upon some wildflowers just before the creek...Aunt Pamie with fragrant phlox!Aron immediately started his search for crawdads. And Eli hit the creek. I used to get in until I realized just how many water moccasins there are...ewww!

Kyla and her GIANT walking stick.
On the way home, Aron and the kids were quite a ways ahead of us. We came upon them, and this is what we saw: Belle sound asleep as she and daddy lay above the creek bed.The hike back is pretty intense, so Grandma Jackie gave Aron a break...And Eli took a turn. Belle slept the entire way...2nd year in a row! Maybe next year she'll make it through an entire hike awake!
Aron was planning on keeping Tommy up on the wall as a forever keepsake, but bless his heart, he just couldn't resist!
We finished the afternoon with some fishing (Belle sat on Aron's tackle Box and watched Gracie so faithfully) and a delicious lunch.
Pretty much a perfect day in Southern Ohio. And a much needed day outdoors.

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j said...

That sounds and looks heavenly! I'd love a day in the country...fresh country air, wide open spaces, discovering nature after it's winter unveiling. Ahhh...looks like good times. Glad you enjoyed your great escape.