Saturday, May 2, 2009

love and the everyday

If you've known me for very long, you know there has never been any other man in the world for me but my husband. He stole my heart at 14, and though the journey has not always been easy or fun, God has given us the grace to forgive each other's mistakes and walk hand in hand.

He always, always amazes me, but I wanted to share a few of the things that I have really appreciated lately.

**He continues to ask the 'loaded' questions. I'm by nature a very emotional person...and the surge of estrogen in this growing body has definitely amplified that! He reads me like a book, and knows when I'm 'dealing with something', but I rarely talk about it unless he asks. It would be really easy for him to simply ignore that something that is bothering me, and do his own thing. After all, its not his problem, why should he inconvenience his day? But he pursues anyway...even though it may lead to an hour long discussion with tears and drama.

**He denies himself and serves. I just caught him on his hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floors - laptop right next to him with an online sermon blaring. If it were up to him, the bathroom floors would NEVER need cleaned, but he knows its important to me. That says a lot.

**His courage. He asks tough questions and then stands with courage to deal with tough answers. He desires to follow God wherever He matter how risky or uncharted that may be.

**His Priorities. Jesus talked a whole lot about priorities and motives in the Bible. Aron has amazed me with the consistency of his pure motives and his priorities. Not that he's perfect, but he continually evaluates his inmost thoughts, and he is quick to submit and surrender his will to God. And he calls me to do the same if I am out of line or walking ahead of where God may be leading. I am humbled when I watch him, and I long to be more like Christ.

**His Pursuit of My Heart. The world tells us a man should be bored with one woman after this long. That he's seen all there is to see and knows way more than he wants to know. But Aron is showing me a different picture of love and intimacy - one I believe God intended us to experience. The pursuit looks different from day to day. Yesterday, it was him insisting that we stop and pray when I was in a funk. I was feeling frustrated and without hope, and the last thing I felt like doing was praying. But thats exactly what I needed, and his words brought healing by inviting God into my brokenness. Today it looks like dinner and a movie. I'm always hesitant to leave the baby and spend the money on date nights. Not that I don't enjoy them...I LOVE them, once I'm out. He just has to kidnap me to get me away so I CAN enjoy them. So he arranged it all to get a few precious moments alone with his wife after 3 jam-packed weeks.

I could go on all day, but I do have a date to get ready for.

I just want to encourage you this weekend to make an extra effort to honor those God has put in your life. To love them excellently, in ways that are intentional and speak to who they uniquely are. I know this causes great delight in the heart of our Father.
much love,

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