Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chasing The Wind

I listended to a few sermons on Ecclesiastes by Matt Chandler the other day and they really messed with my head. Nothing will challenge your priorities in life like studying the message of Ecclesiastes (basically, if you put your hope in anything other than God, you'll find it to be meaningless). Chandler really brings the message of Ecclesiastes into our day and age, so check out his messages here if you get a chance.

After listening to these messages, I was also reminded of a poem I wrote a few years back called "Chasing the Wind" (common theme in Ecclesiastes). Enjoy:

Chasing the Wind
Chasing the wind. Follow the feather
Finding forces unknown by a letter
Fighting for something that could last forever
A means to an end – Chasing the wind.

I thought I saw, I thought it was –
It wasn’t at all what I thought it was!
Like starting a fire with worn out embers
Like sand I saw on a beach to remember:
Grains in hand I closed my fist
Began to run and take it with
But it slipped – slipped – slipped
And I squeezed hard but lost my grip

Like a clever wind just blowin’ off steam
Like a quiet friend ain’t what he seems
I finally caught up to that gusty dream
And it was good – good for nothing.

I think I saw, I think it was –
It was a flood to my drop of ideas
Like a universe opened behind a space
Like thinking of you then seeing your face:
Hand in hand and we take it slow
Needle and thread begin to sew
Grown together we grow, grow
And it was hard but we let go.

As sound is to a bell is to a ring
Salvation is the key to what I mean
Unless I can be what I was born to be
This world is good – good for nothing.

Go West, young man! Chase the wind!
Let me know when you reach the end.
As for me I’ll enjoy the breeze
Feel it blowing, let it feel me.
Let it know where I stand
Don’t let it tell me who I am
Enjoy the breeze while it lasts
And let it go for it shall pass
Don’t try and follow its wispy path
Enjoy the ride and save the gas.

Listen! The peace that speaks as it leaves
Proves the chase is good – for nothing.


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