Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby on the Brain

Okay, everyone, I need your input. When we found out Belle was a girl, I went a little crazy with the pink...hey, I'm pretty "girly", so what can you expect?! We could put little brother in Belle's posh pink ride, but the poor fella's gone have enough trouble with Belle as a big sister and me as a mommy, no need to give him a complex this early, right?
So Target has free shipping this week on their baby gear, and I'm considering ordering a new car seat. But I'm really struggling with what to get. So I need your input. I want something plain, but cute. No frills, though.
Do I go with the classic Travel System?
I like this one because it matches Belle's current car seat. But I'm concerned I may get really bored with all the brown. I've also suggested it for my sister in law, Kara's new baby. It goes perfectly with her color scheme of Baby Isaiah's room, so if she goes with this one, I'll choose another. I did see it in person, and its really attractive.

I like this one as well.
Plus, I could get the matching sit and stand stroller. Belle currently has no interest in riding in a stroller, but I figure as soon as baby brother has one, she'll want in all the time. What do you think, mommies? Do I go with a single or double? And does the sit & stand really work, or will the 2nd child want a seat?
Here's a few more I like...
Okay, so please help! Tell me what you like, what you don't. Plus what you think is best in your experience.
much love,


Linda said...

I like number 3 and 5 Good choices!

beckyjomama said...

I like 3 & 6 - Plus, you can get sit & stands that have a flip down seat for the bigger child. That way, if she gets tired she can either catch a ride standing or she can sit down.

I am going through stuff and found some small diapers that I will get to you ... of course, Hubbs cleaned up since then and now I need to find em again!!!!!!

SOOOOO very excited to meet baby boy!

Amber said...

I'd go w/ a sit and stand. I had a double for Sage and Noah in the beginning and it was a PAIN to navigate. The only double that I love is a double jogging stroller and it's pretty much for exercise only.

j said...

We have a standard double stroller (from Brayden and Brooke) that I hated...very difficult to navigate/steer, very long, etc. We are now looking into the JOOVY (sit/stand stroller...but not sure if our current infant carrier is compatible). I've read reviews, but would love to hear from people who actually have the sit/stand stroller...I think that would be your best bet for Baby and Belle (especially for Belle and her age, etc. she'll still need a stroller)

Kelli said...

You still have the option of the free navy blue car seat/stroller system that is in my garage looking for a new home. Not nearly as much fun though.

Otherwise, I like 3 & 5.