Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fathered by God

Aron & I spent last evening with John Eldredge during his "Fathered by God" Tour. There are no words for the way God showed up last night.

I've had great respect for Eldredge and his insight on the heart of God, but man, he took it to 'a whole 'nother level' with "Fathered by God". I mean, "Wild at Heart" was good (though in some ways simplistic), but that book could only be described as a preface to understanding and unlocking the heart of a man when compared with the depths explored here.
So I could blog for a month on what God showed me last night, but I know I wouldn't do the truth of this message justice. So if you're a man, or if you love a man, or if you're raising a man...this is an absolute MUST read. We can't wait to get our hands on it. Trust me, you'll read it and pieces of your heart will awaken that you never even knew existed.
And while I'm on my Reading Rainbow soapbox, go ahead and pick up "Walking with God" while you're at it. One of the greatest treasures God has given mankind is day to day conversational intimacy with Him, and as Eldredge said last night in his Q & A time, its one of the lost arts/treasures of the Christian faith.
much love,

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