Thursday, May 7, 2009

As of late

***Guys, I'm gonna warn you now, this is a total chic post. Nothing gross or tmi, just stuff men simply could care less about. You're welcome to read on, but just wanted to get that out there so you don't think, "Well, that 30 seconds was a waste of my precious guy time..." I warned you!

So I cannot believe I am now 6 months pregnant...check out the bona fide baby bump which is now starting to feel like a barrell of monkeys invading my space. But I love it!

Everyone always says you carry boys and girls differently when prego, so I thought I'd pull up my 24 week picture with Belle and compare...

So here's 24 weeks with boy: And 24 weeks with girl:

What do you think? Maybe a little rounder in the tummy with girl? Definitely more tan, but I've since sworn off tanning beds.

In other exhilarating news, I had the most gratifying mommy moment this week: I fixed a meal and my little picky eater ate everything I prepared...I mean all of it, and was asking for more. It was a pretty healthy dinner, so maybe I need to cook au natural more often.
I'm trying so hard to soak in my few moments with my little girl, knowing how consumed my attention will be with care of the new one the first few weeks. Aron shot some photos of his girls before we left for our date the other night:
Over the last few weeks she's completely rid herself of all diapers and pull ups...even at bedtime. She transitioned herself into her big girl bed. And wants to do everything by herself. Oh, this independence is killing me, but it gives me such joy at the same time. I love watching the satisfaction flood her face when she buttons her coat or paints a picture and then shreeks, "I did it!"
Thank you, Father, for allowing me the privilege to love this child.


beckyjomama said...

You are so dern cute! And LOVE that Miss Belle got a date with her Mama! YAY!

pkgormong said...

You are sooo cute! Way too cute in fact:)! We find out on Tuesday if we are having a boy or girl!!! So exciting! Glad you are doing well! Love, Kara

Kim said...

You two are so gorgeous! Erica, I love your honesty in your posts - I can sense your gentleness and love from here! Wish I could see you! You look fantastic!

j said...

Belle has grown up so much since we first met her. What a big girl you have on your hands. She is going to be a great big sister.

As far as comparing your pregnancy photos, I think you look like you are carrying about the same:
Abosolutely Adorable!

P.S. My Mom has that bag/drawstring sack for Belle. It's been done, but we hadn't connected or had forgotten when we did see one another. I will get it this weekend while visiting family and can bring it to church the following weekend.

Kelly said...

Love seeing that baby belly. Means he is growing well and whew do we thank God for that. Looking forward to meeting all of these new precious ones soon.