Sunday, May 3, 2009

Conversations During a Rare Date Night...

So we dropped off Belle at the sitters house (who were wonderful!!!), and before we even pulled up to the house, she totally knew what was up. Huge alligator tears, "I want my mommy.", "I hold you, mommy."...

I had planned on staying in the car while Aron took her inside, knowing I would enjoy my night more if I didn't have to tear myself away and watch her sob. But the pre-drop off scene was breaking my heart, so I got her out of the car, tried to soothe her as I whispered how much I couldn't wait to come back and get her in just a little bit, and accompanied Aron inside. The departure was traumatic - for Belle and for me. We started to leave, she goes limp...sobs and cries escape from her little body that can only be explained by a two year old who believes she's being utterly abandoned.

We pulled away - aron is grinning from ear to ear in anticipation for some Abuelos & Wolverine action- I am weeping (only for like 10 minutes...). Through sniffles and running mascara I ask him why it rips my heart out to leave her, yet he is completely unphased.

He peered out the window, thought for a few moments. Then came the reply.

"Well, hun, when Belle was born, you know, you delivered her. They put her up on your chest, you cleaned her and loved on her...but me, I was the one who grasped those sissors and CUT THE CORD. Apparantly you missed that moment!"

He went on, "Now you've got another one in you...the whole cord thing going on. You probably are feeling the need to reattach that cord to Belle - a maternal thing, really. But I remember that moment vividly. The cord is severed, hun. You gotta let her go. You don't want to be a helicopter parent, ya know."

oh, the wisdom.


grandma jackie said...

love this post. I was reading through feeling the emotions of a torn mother and then laughed out loud when I read about arons response as he smiled and drove off into freedom! (smile)love ya and glad you got a nite out. wish i could have been there and watched Belle.

Amber said...

Great response Aron! Personally I would be way too excited for some Abuelos and Wolverine to care about what my kids were doing! We have to wait for DVD on EVERYTHING, except for cartoons!

Mike said...

Dude, my boy is DEEP! That is a seriously awesome explanation. A lot better than, "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus."

j said...

Letting Go...A hard thing to do. Especially for us Mommy's. Date night with daddy will one day be a precious gift for her to observe!

Loved your previous post too. I am a sucker for a good love story and love to hear about couple's genuinely lovin on one another. Thanks for sharing.