Saturday, May 9, 2009


My heart is at peace this morning.

I sit staring out the window, watching the tree limbs dance to the rhythm of my husband's strumming. My coffee is cold now, but I don't care...I sip it anyway, and it satisfies.

He's giving Belle & I a private showcase of his latest acoustic folk material. The melodies take us somewhere transcendent - where life is how it should be and love is eternal. I smile as I consider how God uses art to echo eternity in our hearts.

In the quietness of this moment, I can feel the Spirit restoring what the craziness of the week robbed.

Aron just finished another song, and in the stillness following, I hear my 2 year old whisper, "That's a good song, daddy".

Then she sheepishly asked, "How about, 'Elmo's World?'" And Aron begins, "La, la, la, Elmo's world". Belle joins him, "Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon too...."

Indeed, my heart is at peace this morning.


beckyjomama said...

SO sweet!!!!

grandma Jackie said...

thanks for sharing a piece of you're lives with us.I loved it. give Belle kisses for me