Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet the newest member of the family...

The family of musical instruments that is.
The Mason & Risch. Old Clawfoot. Whatever we decide to call her, she's a beauty. Created in 1917, our old, new upright piano has awesome, vintage tone, and is amazingly in tune.
The sweetest part of the deal, you ask?! Let me tell you.
Our lovely piano was 100% free. Thank you, Craigslist. One more reason for me to love you, and prove to my husband that my time spent surfing you is indeed treasure hunting.
We just had to find 5 strapping young gentlemen to move the beast. So we called up our very strong small group buddies, promised them a homecooked lunch, and the piano was as good as ours!

It took 6 lbs of pot roast, 3 lbs of potatoes, and a bottle of ketchup (inside joke) to feed our fiercely strong friends.
But after all that hard work,they indeed worked up quite an appetite.The lovely Erica York and Abigail Carr joined us for dinner, and Erica brought along some Alabama sweet tea...mmmm.Our latest treasure, Home at last.
And the best part of all... sweet melodies.


Denise said...

Can't wait to hear those new songs that have that are piano based accompaniment. And best of all, it was free!!!!!! Happy writing!

beckyjomama said...

That IS a treasure - and for free. Cannot beat that!!! I may have to do some craigslist surfing myself!!!
It is beautiful!

Kelly said...

Love it. Fits perfect in the house. I also love Craigslist, this week we found a playset for the girls for free and it was just what we wanted and were willing to pay for. I may also become a Craigslist browser now. Enjoy the piano. Can't wait to hear what Aron and Belle for that matter whip up.

Linda said...

Erika congrats on the piano! I love that picture you took of Abigail. Very cute!