Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just a normal Tuesday

Belle is really loving having access to a musical instrument. I find her playing the piano at all times of the day. This morning she went straight from her bed out to the piano. I wonder if she will inherit her daddy's musical talent.

Shortly after Aron got home from work, I heard her back at the piano playing and singing "Care Bears Countdown". Aron told me I should come and see "my daughter". This is what I found. I have no idea why she thought she had to pull her pants down to play...But I found it very entertaining none the less.

My 7 month pregnant appetite thought a homemade BBQ pizza was in order for dinner tonight. Aron agreed.

Belle did not. My healthy little eater got up from the table, opened the fridge, and brought back her own dinner...Watermelon and Cantaloupe. We'll never make it to 23 lbs at this rate.So I promised her a cupcake if she ate all of her chicken (I at least had enough foresight to leave a serving of chicken off the pizza just for her). She ate every bit of it. I'm not normally a fan of bribing, but when it comes to getting this girl to eat, I loose all dignity!

That's Tuesday in nutshell. Goodnight.



Amber said...

Post your pizza recipe!!!! That looks yummy. I hope Belle inherits her Daddy's music talent b/c otherwise you're going to grow to hate that piano.

beckyjomama said...

I am so in love with your girl!

And, I am so in NEED of that recipe!

Aron and Erica said...

In "a" nutshell, perhaps? LOL

And yes, i must attest (that rhymes), my wife's BBQ chicken pizza is very good. Like, California Pizza Kitchen good. Mmmm...