Monday, June 22, 2009

Wickham, babies, and Belle

As promised, a bit about the best live show I've ever seen...Phil Wickham. This man has a way of putting into beautiful poetic melodies what the rest of us feel about God...but can't seem to verbalize (this is aron's verbage...I stole it:). The entire night was an encounter with God...totally focused on worship and celebrating who God is and this "Divine Romance" he's invited us to be a part of. Aron said he had a subtle feeling of melancholy mixed with wonder during the show because the moment was so special, and he knew it would never happen again.
Speaking of romance, I have to tell on my husband. Prior to the Phil W. show we were checking out the merchandise table, and I asked Aron if he wanted a cd or t-shirt. "Naah, I'm good," he said. Well, mid-way through the concert, Phil forgot what song came next, and so he asked the audience for any requests. Aron screamed, "Hallelujah" (you know, the Rufus Wainwright version that Brewster recently covered..."I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don't really care for music do ya? It goes like this the 4th the 5th, the minor fall, the major lift, the baffled King compos-ed Hallelujah...") Anyways, Wickham busts out the most amazing "Hallelujah" we've ever heard with some crazy impromptu falsetto. Aron looked over at me when the song was over, and with a gleam in his eyes said, "I totally have a man-crush on Phil now." I lost it...then he tried to recover.."You know, like a 'bro-mance' in a totally straight kind of way". Needless to say, Aron had to have both a shirt and a cd once the show was over. So here he is (above) sporting his 'True Love' tee.

And here is me below...
As much as I hate to admit it, I think Aron is right. Pretty sure I'm going to be much bigger this time around. Which really is a good thing...except when it comes time to birth this little boy. My Belly feels like its growing huge, and there's still a few months to go...oh boy, oh boy!

I snapped this one of Belle yesterday, because the girl is 2 and already stealing my shoes! Aron always wears his flips out to grill, and she is daddy's grilling assistant...running errands, fetching spices, carrying messages to and from the kitchen. So she decided she needed flips as well. She proudly showed Aron, and he said, "Oh, you've got momma's flips."

"No, they're my flips. These are Belle's," she replied.

I guess its a good thing I have little feet if we'll be sharing in the future.
And here's a video of Belle singing the VBS song, "I will not be afraid." She only heard it 2 or 3 times, but has been singing it since. She begged me all day yesterday to play it, but we had to wait for Aron to bring home his laptop where the song was stored.

And below is a few random moments I caught yesterday...if nothing else, Belle's 2 year old cousin, Chloe, really likes to watch videos of her best friend.
with much love,

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