Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunny with a high of 75. A perfect day for the zoo.

Isabelle insisted on wearing her "Grandma Howard shoes" as she calls them (Grandma Howard bought them for her when they visited, and she's called them this since). They aren't much for comfort, but they sure are cute. I was exactly the same way as a little girl.She RAN from animal to animal. It was so beautiful to watch her wonder.

As we peered up at the Red Panda, Belle told her daddy, "I need you to get me up der with him so I can see him better."

She insisted on climbing by herself onto every railing to catch a better view.And what's a trip to the zoo without some ...well you know. Belle wanted to know what the Zebras were doing.She climbed through the Praire Dog burrows with daddy. And visted the artic with mommy.And even got one last ride in her pink stroller...before it gets put up to make room for a double one.

The giraffes were by far my favorite...And we even got to bring one precious wild animal home to keep.


Amber said...

The zebra was probably giving his pregnant zebra wife a massage b/c she was performing a miracle.

That tops the monkey we saw eating it's poo.

grandma Jackie said...

oh how I wish I could have been there to watch Belle experience the zoo. I think my favorite animal in the photos is the wild one you got to take home!love you guys glad you had such a great day