Saturday, April 18, 2009

MetroBeach Bummin'

Today was we hit the Michi-beaches for a picnic lunch...with Grandma Jackie and Grandma Howard visiting from down home.
The day was a perfect 74 degrees with a cloudless blue sky.
Daddy and Belle built sand castles
With a little help from Grandma Jackie.

Daddy flew Belle's Barbie that is one secure man!
What a peaceful, wonderful day.



beckyjomama said...

Looks like a blast! Love the shades Miss Belle is sportin!

Woollard House said...

Hey, Tell Belle that I love the glasses!!ha ha!!I have some just like them.


Woollard House said...

by the way will you grab my Nintendo DS b4 you leave for Brown County Ohio??


Kelly said...

Good to see you taking advantage of some of the beneifts of living in MI. Have a great trip at the end of the week, hope you get your battery recharged!