Monday, March 28, 2011

dancing is good for the soul

there is nothing quite like it - as body and spirit align to the rhythm of love
the innocence of life as it should be awakened - if only for a fleeting moment

tiny hand, a more marvelous creation than all the wonders of the world,
grasps mine, and I know love.
perfect feet bounce to music rising, and I am in awe.
Who am I to receive such a good gift?
Joy erupts - it bubbles from toes and wells over in ocean eyes that tell of melodies only angels can sing.
the dance awaits you. life - begging you to breathe her in, filling your lungs with the life giving moments that beat your heart.
breathe deeply, and have this dance


mom kirk said...


Sardinia said...

tears. love to your poetic heart. mysister, my friend. forever. alyssadawn

beckyjomama said...

That is one handsome little prince you have there - LOVE!

And, I adore your heart. So proud to be your friend.