Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Very Happy First Day of Spring to You

"Mommy is it spring yet?" has been the never ending question of late.
Sweet Rose has had her TinkerBell calender marked for weeks, March 20th circled and starred.
Early morning the eve of Spring's arrival she chirped, "Ohhhh tomorrow is the first day of spring. I CAN'T WAIT!" I wish you could have heard her high pitched, oh so articulate, melody of anticipation . I do hope the sun greets her with warmth and the birdies come out to sing a sweet song as together they welcome the season of growth. Of slumber awakened. Of life anew.

Father of Life,
Of sleeping seed, buried safe beneath the threat of frost or foe.
Call forth the dead in us,
Those parts stomped down into dust,
Tred upon, hidden away.

Only you can can turn death into life,
Fallen world into Kingdom Come.
At the hint of warmth, the season of rain
Life awakens, dormant cells divide.
Tiny seed cracks with life,
Green shoot stretches to the surface to breathe you in.

Father of Life,
Infuse us with the courage of tiny seed.
To grow toward you out of the places of death,
To persevere through darkness,
Pushing upward toward the promise of your Light.

Bring us forth, through trial and disappointment,
Growing all the stronger, all the closer to intended design.
Until in your presence we stand, our faith in full bloom,
Our flower telling the story of your faithfulness and love.

Awaken Spring in us.

*To make a birdie nest of your own like Belle's, simply wrap a small bowl in plastic wrap. Place face down on wax paper. Mix clear glue with water at a 1:1 ratio. Dip strips of torn grocery bag into glue/water mixture, and place on bowl. Let dry for 12-24 hours. Remove bowl & plastic wrap, and voila! Adorable spring candy bowl! (We fell in love with this idea in the April issue of Country Living)

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grandma jackie said...

Happy Spring to you too Isabelle!