Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tonight I get to hear a new song.

One scribbled in inspired hurry Sunday night as the man of God spoke.
It is a beautiful ballad, and I am blessed.
"This one is begging for a soaring bridge hun," I call over my shoulder.
He agrees, and plays on.
What could have been so important in our week that I had to wait until Thursday to hear this?
Maybe one day you'll hear it too. I hope so.

And yes. Aron's birthday banner still hangs happily over our table.
I can't bring myself to take it down. It feels like sunshine and seems to me a giant smile greeting us every time we walk in the door.

It is now Friday. And I will be getting up for work in five hours. So without further ado, I will close this post most unpoetically and quite abruptly.


Kelly said...

Happy Work day to you. Hope it goes smooth, with nice coworkers and cooperative patients! You and Aron make a great creative team! And even this born and raised here Michigander, hated seeing the snow fall AGAIN

beckyjomama said...

so Blessed to call you friend.