Tuesday, January 10, 2012


husband sought you out, you charm of old, wrapped you up and put you under the tree.
beautifully aged, you wrap my neck in whimsy love, given as you were with utmost intention. in utter surprise I beheld you as you whispered to me, "beloved. known." you hold my world within and carry it close to my heart.

ever thankful for a good gift and the man who gave it,


beckyjomama said...

What a sweet gift!!! Love!!! PS, I miss you - feels like it's been FOR-E-VER since we really had a chance to chat!

j said...

it is beautiful! and how thoughtful of aron to seek out a gift he knew you'd love. i do love the photos you hold inside...but one of them is going to have to be changed out in the very near future (and i'll tell you, it's tougher to get three sweet wee faces into one little circumference than it is two! but it'll be a wonderful challenge to have :)

momma kirk said...

you did good aron!:)