Monday, January 30, 2012

a little judah-man sunshine for your monday

I overhear the most entertaining conversations each morning. 
Most mornings, Judah is the first to wake, and he rolls over and "Sissy...Wake UP! Siiiisssssy! I need to go potty! Let's play! I'm hungry and tirsty.".
And my sweet girl, she'll get her brother up and undressed, take him to the potty, and then assist him with re-donning his super hero drawers. Often she'll go ahead and peel him a clementine or grab them both a banana and head back to their bedroom to play. She takes incredible care of him, and he adores her for it. This is the calm before the storm. No diapers. Self sufficient. Yes, I'm enjoying it while it lasts! Judah will even assist himself to the big potty, though at times still insists that I come with him. This morning he danced around the kitchen, "OOOooooh. Oooooh. I gotta go bad!" I told him to go ahead and go on to the potty...that he could do it. But he pleaded. "No! I need you to come wif me. I might fall in and go away, and den I won't be wif you."
Ok. Break my heart. Yes, mommy will help you to the potty anytime you need me to.

Anyway...back to the conversations. While most mornings they've been getting themselves up and fed and playing without ever coming to get me, occasionally they linger face to face on their pillows chatting. One morning this week I overheard Judah plead, "But I don't want you to go to school, Sissy. No. You stay home wif me. I want you to stay wif me." She tried to explain..."Awwww. I know you do, Bubs. But I've got to go to school today. You can stay here with mama, and I'll be home in a little bit." He's come to grips with her new independence quite well. However, if she or Aron leave in the morning without first giving him a hug, a kiss, an "I love you!", AND a wave all the way down the sidewalk along with a stated "Byyyyyyeee!" (without missing any of the listed elements), we have a major teary meltdown that is nearly impossible to soothe. Once they've had their five part goodbye, he's at peace with them going, and on we go with our morning. 
This morning I overheard Belle gently explaining while they were still in bed, "No, Judah. You can't have chocolate for breakfast. Or candy. I'm sorry." Judah pleaded, "YES! I want chocolate! And candy! Pleeease?" 

He continued to insist after they rose and joined me in the living room. I, however, gave him the same answer as Sissy. Bummer. However, I do find it quite adorable that anytime he IS allowed a piece of chocolate or a treat of any sort, he always asks for 'one more for sissy', and runs as fast as he can to deliver an equal portion to Belle. 
 Such a silly man!
He prayed over our lunch today, "De-ah God, Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Mommy & Daddy. Thank you for Sissy. And Samuel. And E-saiah. AAAAmen!" 

And last night, he was struggling at bedtime (the dolls in their room really terrify him), so I layed down with him for a few minutes to reassure him. I have never ever met a kid who so strongly exhibits physical touch as a love language. He loves to place his hands on both sides of your cheeks and just rub...over and over and over, until his arms are too tired and they fall from exhaustion or he falls asleep first. I think he discovered at Christmastime when he had some time with Grandma that he also really likes his face rubbed too. Last night, with my face cupped in his ever rubbing hands, he instructed, "Mommy. Rub me! Right here on my face." And so this is how he drifted off to sleep, double rubbing. Aron and I joke all the time (though we are somewhat serious), his poor future wife...she'd better be a 'toucher'!

But for now, I'll enjoy all the cuddles and kisses and cheek to cheek time this amazingly sweet little man, so full of music and wild, has to offer. I'll be jealous for them one day when he's grown and no longer expresses his love to me in this way. 

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beckyjomama said...

Oh boy how I love that boy! I was watching the video and Soph joined me ... she is laughing SO hard at the tongue on the belly. (I am too!!)