Friday, January 27, 2012

When God Says "No."

One of the signs of a Christian life is inner peace and contentment. To be honest, this is something I have struggled with my entire Christian life. At it's core, this is an issue of doubt and mistrust towards our heavenly Father. We doubt that he cares. We doubt that he is mindful of our situation. We doubt his love. We doubt his kindness.

As followers of Jesus, we hope that he will do great things in our lives, and if when do not see these things come to pass as we thought, we at least hope that there is a greater purpose in it all. After time, we begin to doubt that there's even a greater purpose - "What the heck is God up to? Do you even see my life, God? What are you doing? Can you hear me?"

If you don't struggle chronically with this (like I do), you WILL at some point in your Christian life.

This morning I watched this sermon by Bob Russell called "When God Says 'No.'"  and I have never been more encouraged to trust the heart of my heavenly Father. I have never been more sure that he IS aware of what is going on in my life, that he IS good, and that, in the end, there is a MUCH greater purpose being worked out in my life to the glory of God. I would highly recommend that every believer watch this sermon!

It's easy to believe, trust, hope, love and be content when life circumstances are good and you get everything you've hoped for. But I want to be full of joy and peace and love in any and every circumstance in my life, even and especially when God says "no."

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