Thursday, November 20, 2008

a bit of random goodness

I've been sick since Tuesday with a yucky flu-like bug - and I had to work with this virus 12 hrs. on Wednesday. Which leads to my first moment of random goodness. I awoke Thursday to all of the dishes DONE & put away...all of the laundry DONE & put away. My wonderful husband stayed up late after I crashed Wednesday night to take care of some chores so I could rest on Thursday. What a man!Aron worked long hours today, so Belle and I spent the whole day alone at home. But Random Moment of Goodness #'s 2-4 include phone conversations with three very special people in our lives: My precious cousin, Kim.My wise & jovial daddyand my gentle-spirited, nurturing mommy-in-loveRandom Moment of Goodness #5: A Cinderella DVD for our little princess arrived in the mail from our fun & lovely college friends who are now preparing to marry, Kim & Dave.Belle was ecstatic, and so was I. We've been singing Cinderelly, Cinderelly all day.Random Moment of Goodness #6: I went grocery shopping in 28 degree weather, and my feet stayed warm the entire time because of 1 pair of Bearpaw boots.
My sweet friend, Hannah, recommended these boots to me. She said I'd never want to take my feet out...she was right. I used to snub my nose (hypothetically, of course) at this type of shoe because I tend to choose a more dainty style that has much less comfort and much more heel. But this winter, I refuse to have numb toes from shoes with hard soles and no insulation against the mounds of Michigan snow. So here's a plug...these are the BEST! They're lined with this awesome sheepskin/wool that feels like heaven. Get some!Random Moment of Goodness #7: When daddy finally did arrive home, we had a good 30 min of play time. Belle was hiding under the pillows on our bed, and Aron & I were "sneaking" around the bed on our hands and knees & jumping up and tickling her. At one point, we both crouched down and were silent. I suppose the anticipation was too great, so our 2 year old decided to call our bluff. She burst out from under the pillows, stood up & shouted, "I go pee, I go pee". Of course Aron & I jumped right out shouting, "No, no, not on our bed." Belle started belly laughing and dove under the pillows. She did not have to potty at all, that little stinker!

And to know that our Father delights in our moments and squeals as I have delighted in all of these today! I guess that makes Random Moment of Goodness #8.

And as a bonus because I'm behind on posting, here are 2 video's of Belle joining Aron in his workouts. Its pretty cute until she realizes she's being recorded...then she pops up to see.


Denise said...

I am totally sure that Belle is doing the push-ups correctly and Aron is not!!! Too cute!!!

Kelli said...

Love the boots! I laugh at your shoe principle because just this past year I had resolved to be at least a little less practical and a lot more dainty (if that's possible with size 9) in the shoe department. But the nice boots with lots of heel that I wore all last year through the snow are completely trashed so I'll definitely need some new boots- maybe I'll follow in your footsteps (hah!).

I'm also still laughing a Belle's psych-out. Sometimes we don't give 2 year olds enough credit.

And last but not least, a big shout out to Aron for takign care of you. That is being a Man!

beckyjomama said...

Love the boots - but I think in size 10 they would look like ... well, so far less than dainty than should be legal!!!

Props to Aron for caring for his woman - good job dude! You must have been learnin from my man!!! Oh, wait, you put the laundry away ... Maybe he could learn from YOU!!!!

And, ummm, the pushups - too stinkin' cute! But I agree with Denise, Aron, you aint doin it right!!!

j said...

Very cute...Brooke loved watching Belle and Mr. Aron. She wants to watch it "again and again." She was also excited to see the Cinderella DVD (exclaiming: I have that!).

Props to Aron for taking care of you and the home. I can hubby has played Mr. Mom and homemaker for a week now...loving and appreciated those clean dishes and clean laundry!

A good conversation and heart-to-heart is food for the soul...simple blessings.

Hope you are feeling better.
OK we need to go back and see pics and video again b/c Brookie keeps saying "mommy, i want to see erica!"