Sunday, November 2, 2008

Someday she'll hate me for this...

but I just have to share these "silly Belle" moments.

Our little love is more like a teenager than a 2 year old in the morning. She'll sleep in as late as we'll let her. And if you wake her up, she'll grab the blankets, throw them over her face, and go back to sleep. When we say, "Belle, its time to get up!" Muffled, she shouts back, "Nooooo".

This morning, I stripped her to dress for church. I covered her with a blanket so she wouldn't get cold while I grabbed a wash cloth to freshen her up. When I came back, this is what I found.

She did not want me invading her warm little cave.
She thinks this "play baby bed" is for her.

And she also thinks mommies undergarments are for her. Maybe she'll be an American Gladiator someday?!My mom always wished that I would have a girl as prissy as I was to punish me for torturing her with my girly ways. I think she got her wish. Here is evidene that my daughter often crosses her legs while going #1 & #2.
And these last few are just to show how big she is getting. Look at those long, skinny arms & legs. They don't look like baby limbs anymore. She transforming into a little girl right in front of our eyes!


Kelli said...

Yeah, she probably will hate you for this but its worth it!

beckyjomama said...

That girl cracks me up - and the pic with the undies ... Oh, yeah, you better sleep with one eye open when she reaches teendome!!!!

Totally worth it though. Too cute:)

Hannah said...

I loved that post!!! She is so cute

j said...

Love the "potty with poise" photo. A true princess at heart. Just adorable. That's a keeper!