Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kirk Haven: M-I-A

Sorry we've been blog slackers the last few days...

Aron has been quite preoccupied planning a worship retreat for this weekend & getting the wheels rolling on the big Christmas Eve service... on top of his week to week responsibilities.

I've been working a lot as usual. And we have had the privilege of having company the last two weekends.

After working all day & getting off late (it never fails...the emergencies always happen at 6:55!) I don't have much left in me to give. But I did get a kick out of several "compliments" (if you can call them that) that I got today! I just found it hilarious how a statement that started as a compliment turned suddenly sour!

From a patient: "You are just the most amazing thing. You're so calm & sweet. Nothing phases you. I can tell that's just how you are. You don't take medication to make you that way.
You are just gorgeous. You know, just because you're not gorgeous on the outside doesn't mean your not beautiful. You may not be much to look at, but your inside beauty just makes you gorgeous."
(a very true statement about the importance of inner beauty, but funny to hear an old man talk himself into a hole!)

From a conversation with 2 nurses & myself:
Nurse 1: "I'm planning to breastfeed for like 2 years after this baby is born so I can lose a whole bunch of weight."
Nurse 2: "Really? You think that will work?"
Erica: "Oh, yeah. When I went back to work, I started pumping and making a lot more milk, and I lost like 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I ate whatever I wanted and still lost weight. I weighed less than I did my freshmen year of high school. But now I'm back to my baseline since I stopped breastfeeding."
Nurse 2: "Yeah, you do look emaciated...."
Erica: "I do?! Emaciated? I look sickly?"
Nurse 2: "Well, yeah, kinda."

* emaciated is a medical term describing one who is extremely malnourished...think concentration camp photos ...sunken cheeks, dark circles around bony eyes, clavicles sticking out very prominently.
**this is not a subliminal beckoning for affirmation of my physical appearance. I am completely validated in my inner/outer beauty. I just found this to be comical. On a different day a little later in the month, I maybe wouldn't be able to brush it off. But today, I'm too tired to care!


beckyjomama said...

And, on the opposite ens of the spectrum, I was once told that I look "well nourished". Guess he was thinking I don't miss many meals.

Yeah, thanks dude.

Kelli said...

Thanks for the laugh Erica!

Not that your looks are funny, I mean you are beautiful inside, I mean, just cause your bones are sticking out and everything, that's not funny looking, or anything, I mean, you are a nice person.