Sunday, December 20, 2009

germs germs go away

We've been a house full of sickies this week.  
(Above picture: Belle patiently waiting for daddy & bubba to wake up Saturday morning after we played musical beds all night long. No one ended up in the bed they started in, and we switched places 4, count them..4 times!)
Belle battled a cold for a week that turned into a double ear infection with a side of fever.

Judah caught the cold, which mutated into the croup.

Then Aron, after speaking and leading worship twice Sunday morning, started feeling really sick by about 12:30, and is now down for the count.

I am holding far. I've netty potted it up twice and am popping the herbs; we shall see if I can stay strong for the fam. Aron has another crazy busy week, so I really have no choice but to stay well.

Here's a few shots I caught of our Judah-Man. I've never seen a kid so happy. Even with the croup, he just smiled and tried to coo (though it sounded pathetic & broke my heart).
love my sickies


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Prayers are going out your way. My house went through the same thing last month. No fun. I hope you can stay well.

Kim said...

Sorry you guys aren't feeling well! Try echinacea tea - for Aron, too. It's warm, tastes great, and I think really works. Also, I'm a big fan of mucinex for kicking the crap out of sickness! :)

Love you lots!!

beckyjomama said...

Poor kirk's - praying for all of you!

Kelly said...

Get well everyone, Christmas is coming. Wow, love those Judah eyes!

Amber said...

If you discover a secret to making them go for good let me know!

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