Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tonight I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by your love. Overwhelmed at the wonder of new life. Overwhelmed by the beauty of friendship, the unity of family, the treasure of each day lived.

How can I say 'thank you' for allowing me to experience everyday moments that may seem small but are truly extraordinary gifts?
Or once in a life-time moments so beautiful I am moved to tears?
How can I thank you for loving me enough to tell me no, even though I can't possibly understand your ways?
How can I thank you for walking with me through my pain, not abandoning me when I am selfish or utterly ungrateful?

Nothing I can say can show my gratitude - express my love.
But tonight I will again give you my heart. I place all of who I am in your hands.
That is all I have of value, and it is yours.

Humbled by your ways,

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j said...

This time of year so many people are overwhelmed with the stress and busyness of overpacked schedules, packing, wrapping, traveling, planning, parties, and all of the things that distract us from soaking in, enjoying, and experiencing the true meaning of Christmas.

How refreshing to read of your heart that is overwhlemed for the right reasons. Reading your thoughts makes me ponder all of the blessings within my own life. Thank you for sharing your heart...it's giving me a great start and perspective to my own day. Thank you friend.

Love you!