Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my little love bug

Have I mentioned how much I love this boy? 
He is belly laughing now, and it is just the most precious thing. 
What a perfect Christmas gift for our family...our little Judah-Man-Ju.
Babies and Big Sisters are my favorite.
Thank you, Father


beckyjomama said...

LOVE it - and love your new header too - so sweet!

j said...

precious! he is such a little judah-man! berlyn was belly laughing the other night and i missed it :(

your last line reminds me of one of my favorite lines in the movie "Elf"(one of my all time favs) "Smiling's my favorite!" And where there are babies and big sisters, there is bound to be much smiling!

j said...

like your new header too. :)

Kim said...

This last picture is just the best!

Jordan and Karen said...

i can't believe that i haven't got to see him yet. that needs to change. karen and i stole your idea for blogging, hope you don't mind. you should follow us. love ya

grandma Jackie said...

Love the new header,and I agree.That last pic of Judah-Man-Ju is precious.

grandma Jackie said...

oh,Kara is going to wasnt to know where you got the hat with snowflakes on it. she was telling me a couple weeks ago she would like to find one for a christmas card pic.