Monday, November 30, 2009

decking our halls

They used to call his dad "the mad mower" the look in his eye, it would appear aron has inherited that trait.
oh Christmas tree
Oh Christmas tree
how lovely
are thy branches


Aron and Erica said...

I look like I'm from the movie "Psyco" in the first pic, and thanks for the special photo effect that makes me look like I have lipstick on in the next black and white photo!

beckyjomama said...

OMWord - Belle looks so grown up in the b/w one. Beautiful tree by the way! Love it!

j said...

love the tree...i had to laugh out loud when i read aron's comment and looked back at the pic. it does look like he has lipstick on! too funny. you guys are so cute. it was nice to have a good chuckle! looking forward to decking the halls at our home too.
and yes...belle looks so cute and grown up with her braids and jeans!

grandma Jackie said...

oh,treasure these times. I wish I could have been there to share in decking the halls. I love you guys,and it is obvious you love each other. beautiful pics. Belle does look oh so grown up. tree looks magnificent. can't wait to see it in always thank you for sharing and helping those of us here to feel a little closer. see you in a couple weeks.

mom kirk said...

Oh ,by the way Aron,I do believe that is the same look you're dad gets when he climbs aboard the ole John Deere. Took out to water meters in the same year. He did'nt get the nick name MAD MOWER for nothin!love the lipstick too.That pic reminds of one of Grandpa Howard.

Amber said...

So your Gpa Howard wore lipstick too?

Cam and Elisa said...

beautiful beautiful pictures...Wow! I love the one of you and Aron at the top of your blog site now. Your tree is gorgeous. Enjoy the fresh pine smell for me :)