Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rejoicing in the Harvest

I love the unique way autumn makes my heart come alive. Inviting smells, warm colors, soft light. The promise of the seed in spring now fully present in the fruit of the harvest.
What a treasure to stop our busy lives to consider the blessings of yet another year of life. Today I am thanking God for the breath that fills my lungs. He is truly my sustainer. 

We are attempting to teach Isabelle the high importance of the Thanksgiving holiday in our life - a time to truly thank God for his great love & his provision. 

We made a blessing turkey traced from her footprints and handprints, and each night at dinner we help her to think of something for which she is grateful, write it on her handprint, and paste in on the turkey as his "thankful feathers". Its small and silly, but we want to instill in her gratitude as an attitude for the rest of her life.

I am also thankful for this wildly idealistic man...with his heart to God and His head constantly wrapped around an idea or chiseling a melody...he truly amazes me. He has written a song this week that just blows my mind. I hope he gets to record it; it is quite possibly his best one yet.

rejoicing in the harvest


Joel Young said...

That boy is ALL Aron. Looks just like him. Always glad to hear the good things that are going on in MI.

beckyjomama said...

I love the turkey idea ... may have to copy that one!

I am so thankful for your whole family - you are SUCH a Blessing to mine!

j said...

I love your thanksgiving/harvest reflection...i simply love this time of year too. i don't think your thankful feathers are silly at all. it's a great way to tangibly be reminded of the things we are thankful for...age appropriate and fun!

each night at bedtime, after our prayers and verses, we ask the kids to tell us at least one way that God blessed their day (the highlight of their day). It's also a way to have them reflect on what they have to be thankful for...and it is directly related back to God as the provider of that thanksgiving.

in regards to your previous post. i love that verse that belle quoted. God gave that to me last October- out of the blue- and it spoke volumes to me. Since, I have heard from others how God used that verse in their lives too. In general, there's not too much better than seeing and hearing that God's Word is being written on the tablet of our little one's hearts.

And good job mom and dad for teaching her!

P.S. Can't wait to hear Aron's song!