Thursday, November 5, 2009


They may only be 3, but these girls love each other dearly, and have been anticipating their reunion for weeks. Every time Elizabeth & Chloe got in the car she'd ask, "Mommy, is this the way to Aron & Erica's? I want to go see Isabelle!" Dad even said she was trying to get him to bring her up while he was babysitting her. Belle could hardly wait for her to arrive.

This last shot of Judah is random...and doesn't fit with this post at all, but I thought I'd squeeze it in. He LOVES his classic pooh mobile just like his sister did. When the music plays he sings along and kicks his little arms and legs so excitedly. 


beckyjomama said...

Have a blast with visiting family - I know Belle and Chloe will!

And, it may have been random, but oh my good golly, they cuteness was so worth it!!

Jenni said...

no more monkeys jumpin' on the bed. ;)

j said...

that sweet little boy just warms my heart every time i see him, see a photo or a clip of him. such a little handsome miracle...even his voice is sweet (maybe he'll inherit his daddy's gift for singing).

enjoy your visit with your sister and niece. it looks like you all are already soaking in the moments together. makes me miss my sisters even more than i already have been lately (which is a lot!)

there's lots of comfort in family...hoping your time together is bathed in it. praying.

grandma Jackie said...

love the video. little judah sure is learning to talk good. and as for the others ....well, call for the doctor and the doctor said.........