Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hope Is Rising

For all of you who belong to MCC, here is the song Aron played today. We hope it continues to bring you peace and healing.

For everyone else, Aron wrote this song and played it today, and it speaks of the faithfulness of our God...even amidst our greatest failures. We have hope, not in our perfection, but in a God who loves his children relentlessly. A God takes what we have shattered and restores it to its intended glory.

Hope is Rising from Aron Kirk on Vimeo.

(verse 1)

You are there when I walk on the water.
You are there when I'm sinking in sin.
You are there when my heart hits the bottom,
And you lift me up again.

So quiet me with your love, with your love
In everything you are there and that's enough.

Jesus, you are the Bright and Morning Star
And Hope is rising in my heart.
In my darkest night I will lift my eyes,
And hope for dawn's first light to shine.

You are God in my joy on the mountain.
You are God in my valley full of pain.
You are God when I feel I'm forgotten.
And you sing to me again.

So quiet me with your love, with your love.
In everything you are God, in you I trust.


Hope is Rising.
I lift my eyes, and
On the horizon,
I see it coming.
Here it comes!

And the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.
As we lift a song of praise in faith to the King of Kings!
Your love's greater than we can know.
Your grace even restores us now.
As we hope for the light of your love.
Shine on us!

(verse 1)



beckyjomama said...

I am SO glad that you posted this! Thank you - and yes, He does restore. And how Blessed are we that He does.

Anonymous said...

beautiful song Aron. i love these glimpses into you're life too. God does restore! love you

mom kirk said...

Last post from mom. accidentally push post button before naming my post

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aron. How I love to hear what God puts in your heart... Bernadette

j said...

that song is so incredibly beautiful. i loved hearing it for the first time sunday and enjoyed listening to it again this morning...alowing the lyrics to soak into my heart. i love and am thankful that God has gifted you with this ability because we are so blessed by your music.

last night i kept thinking about the lyrics to one of the songs we sang in church yesterday; "Mighty to Save."...the part that says "He rose and conquered the grave; Jesus conquered the grave." I kept replaying those words in my head last night and thought to myself...It's so easy to believe that Jesus did this...that He conquered the grave, conquered death. It's like "yeah. no doubt. he did this. he conquered the grave. how awesome is that?" We so easily believe this, but we sometimes struggle to believe that He can conquer other things- things in life that shatter us but don't kill us- that break us completely- but don't bring death. But if death is the worst that could happen- breath stopped-life ceasing-and Jesus conquered this...Why couldn't and wouldn't He give us the strength and the power to conquer the things in this life that shatter and break us, but don't kill us? Sometimes it just seems hard to believe that He can do this. But He can and He will.

Didn't mean to write a book. I don't know...I've just been thinking about this a lot today...what it means to truly believe this and to believe that He is a God that is all about healing and restoration.

Desperately praying for restoration.

Thankfully praising God for His unfailing love and His blessings.

Feeling and believing the HOPE rising.

Thank you for sharing.

Mike said...

Absolutely awesome.