Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just hear those sleigh bells ring-a-lin

Tonight was Isabelle's very first dance recital. 
It was really just a little Christmas show to show what they are learning,
but her first none the less.
We all anxiously awaited our little dancers.
Judah got to hang out with his good friend, Berlyn.
Don't worry, Mr. Darcy. They're just old pals!
Marissa and Brookie took the award for the most expressive tappers.
But they all were absolutely adorable.
This was Belle's first time ever performing in front of an audience.
She had no idea what to expect.
The 'deer in the headlights' moment of shell-shocked horror.
I asked her what she was thinking about.

"I was thinking about you, mommy.
I wanted you."

She didn't tap a whole lot (or at all)
but she sure jingled her little bells.
And the poor baby was recovering from a cold...
so she spent a lot of time with her fingers around the nose.

But at least she found comfort in her
Miss Julia.
At ease in daddy's arms.
What a darling evening.



beckyjomama said...

Go Belle! So proud of you!!!!!

Jordan and Karen said...

In the last picture, the way Judah is posing with his arms crossed makes him look like a little man. ha...can't wait to meet him

j said...

Belle certainly was the best "jingle-beller" out there Tuesday night! Darling little one! Love the photos you captured. Still smile when i think of Brookie's overexaggerated "over the river" arm movements. Great photo of Barby too (I told her it should be her new FB profile pic). Judah can't get any sweeter...love that last photo of him. Handsome little fella! Fun times!