Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This week

It's been a bit quiet on KirkHaven,
but not in KirkHaven. There has been much going on, in the here & now and below the surface.

Its been a weird week for me emotionally. I feel like I'm fighting a 'heart war' on two fronts...the same hurt, from two completely differing circumstances/situations. Like many people, my initial reaction is withdrawl when I am hurting. And when you try to live your life authentically with transparency, sometimes its hard to know how much to say. Sometimes silence is best until you can sort out the source. I am learning...when a wound erupts, when the old feelings flow, when you can see them coming - I, we, need an 'other-world' remedy. Nothing of this world will soothe.

But in the mean time, in the middle of the praying and the questions and the sorting through the heartaches that this journey of life brings each of our ways, there has been beauty. I am overwhelmingly blessed. Here are a few of those moments this past week.

Belle on Father's day; she's so, so, so excited to meet her friends at the beach.
I wanted to give Aron the gift of an amazing day, so I contacted some friends to arrange a day at the beach & most importantly (for him) a game of ultimate frisbee with a group of guys.
I think there were 10 or so that played; the thrill of a pumping heart and the rub of healthy competition was good for his soul.

This week my first mate (belle) is oh-so-excited to be able to sail the high seas at VBS

Admiral Aron & the Scurvy Sea Urchins
Today was 'Crazy Hair Day'. After donning his goldy locks, Aron asked me if he looked like Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. I don't know about that, but Barby K. & I agreed its a little creepy how 'pretty' he looks in it!
All the girls in the nursery were 'wild' over Lion Cub's crazy hair.
And the big teenage girls were smitten with his mane too.
He has no fear these days; he bounds up a flight of stairs often before I realize he is out of my sight.
And now has 6 teeth!
Daddy & his very happy girl.



kara e said...

hope your week is getting better. sounds like you don't have any time to relax or contimplate with all that's going on. i love all the pics and can't believe how grown-up judah is looking. i never thought i saw aron, but there were a few times in some of these pics where i glimpsed something of aron...
yeah, aron is kinda creepy with a long blonde mane. sorry aron, bald is better!
love you

grandma kirk said...

wondered why kirk haven was so quiet this week,but the pics were worth the wait.judah is looking so big. cant wait to see you guys next week. love you all