Friday, June 4, 2010

It's friday night,

We lounge watching Wheel of Fortune (yes, we are too young to enjoy this show, but we do...thoroughly).

Vanna White (who by sheer math is too old to look that good) floats from side to side harkening the correctly guessed letters to appear.

Aron & I stutter our attempts at solving the puzzle. Another set of correctly guessed letters.

Isabelle, in awe, "That lady has magic hands."



beckyjomama said...

Every line of this made me smile bigger ... and then Izzy B just made me laugh out loud.

(have I mentioned lately that I LOVE me some Kirks?!)

j said...

darling! we love that show too (ask darcy, when he watches it his universal comment after solving a puzzle is "i am the smartest man in the world!"...good ego booster :)