Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Raising the dead in me

Wow, God has really poured out his love on me through some special people in my life. Yesterday I got an email from a friend encouraging me that God had laid me on her heart to be praying for me this week...Jesus fighting for my heart as He knew the enemy was attacking & I was struggling. He loves us like that. He pursues, He fights, He raises the dead in us. And today, a quick phone call for advice on birthday parties turned into what felt like the voice of God speaking straight to my heart. Through this precious and wise friend, God opened my eyes to see things from a completely different perspective. The world looks differently when you view it through your woundedness. And let me tell you, that is no way to live. Its amazing how truth shatters the deception and colors your world. I feel as if my soul can breathe again.

Thank you, Jesus, that it is for freedom you have set us free.

Thank you, friends, for knowing the heart of our God and sharing His truth with me.

Thank you, Father, for calling me your child. For disciplining me, for caring for my heart. For the gentle way you correct and teach. For not giving me what I deserve. For loving me in a way I cannot fathom.


j said...

Oh Erica-
I wish I knew the right words to say to bring a bit of love and encouragement your way...but nothing's coming out right except that when I read your past 2 posts just now my heart literally hurt... just hearing that you are struggling and wounded. I appreciate your transparency through your blog because at least I know that there is one thing that I (and many others who love you) can do, and that is pray for you.

And it's beautiful to see that through your tender vulnerable heart you see God working and pursuing.

You are a wise beautiful gentle soul. Bask under His wing...He's holding you tight my friend.

mom kirk said...

erica ,don't know whats hurting you so much ,but remember you are loved dearly and do not have to face your troubles alone. we love you and care for you deeply. pray for you daily.