Sunday, June 6, 2010

whole lotta life

to catch up on.

the lovely.

and the wild.
I am shocked over & over again to find him clawing at the dirt as if it were gold. My Lovely used to hold her hands up and whine when a few specs of dirt would find their way on her porcelain hands. Parenting a boy is so different in a wonderfully fun way.

He wears the dirt as a badge of honor.
Beaming, I hold him up as a trophy to show his daddy what the boy has gotten into.

He is as passionate about his baths as the dirt. This is a good thing.
The wierd
& the one who vanishes into his 'shell' when the camera erupts.
the friends.
Judah & Chase are buddies. They follow each other around roaming from one adventure to the next.

Chase & his daddy, Phil.
And their main squeeze momma, Mistey.
Belle LOVES her, almost as much as I do!

He's a super baby. Skeptical? You should see him hang from a bar sometime. Strongest baby alive, I bet.

the delicious.
The grillmaster with his sirloin perfection.

And summer in a bite:
This is graphic representation of the compromise of our marriage. I could do without the steak, he without the loaded salad, but together a perfectly balanced portion of just what we need.

the transcendent.
Looks ordinary enough. Infact, Aron is standing in our laundry room. But this particular night he grabbed his guitar & started playing right where he was through the songs of our life. We were no longer in our yellow little hall, but somewhere magical, a distant land we've never seen, yet so familiar to the heart. We need to go there more often.

the sleepy.
or the not so sleepy one, freshly bathed, oh so squirmy during story time.
a whole lotta life.
thank you, Jesus.
you are LIFE.
you are in every moment,
by you & through you & for you.


beckyjomama said...

I love your life ... almost as much as I love my own. We are Blessed my friend, Blessed indeed.

kara e said...

i love the lovely, the wild, and the weird. so nice seeing you last weekend--wish it was for longer...xoxo

Kelli said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing your sweetness. I love looking at boyhood through your fresh eyes. Sometimes I get a bit disillusioned but I need to remember it is special and sweet in its own way.

grandma jackie said...

love all that life!

j said...

yes...this is a post full of a whole lotta life! great pictures...lovely life captured and told so sweetly. always a joy to behold.