Sunday, June 13, 2010

you should see the other guy...

Judah got in a fight with the side walk.
His lips look & chin look good compared to his upper gums. The sidewalk took a slice of the gum from his tooth to the roof of his mouth.
His mouth was full of blood. I, being the experienced nurse, grabbed a cool cloth and tried to hold pressure to stop the bleeding... then handed the baby to Aron so I could lay with my feet over my head to keep from passing out.
I can clean up vomit, I can start IV's, I can clean wounds down to the bone, I even caught an old man's poopie the other day before it hit the floor (gloved hands, of course)...but if my baby is bleeding, you can find me fighting the urge to faint out in another room.
It didn't help that floating in the puddles of blood in his tiny mouth, I saw what looked like a tooth...which actually turned out to be a sliver of almond from the granola we had been eating.

aye aye aye...


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

You sound totally like me. :) I can NOT handle anything with blood. I remember when my daughter picked a fight with the sidewalk. She totally lost. It even gave her a nice blackish tooth for years. :(

kara e said...

poor baby! give him get well kisses for all of us! it makes me sad to know he was hurt by a sidewalk of all things. i'm NOT looking forward to these types of things. i pass out easily when blood is involved, mine or someone else's. XOXO

Kelli said...

Danger Boy, Kirk Version.

We will be praying for you on this adventure. God does hold them in the palm of his hand, thankfully!

j said...

the boo-boos are just beginning! poor little guy...his mouth looked sore on sunday, but he still seemed to be his happy self. brave judah is off to a good start building up on that lion cub courage and toughness!

(and way too funny about the old man crack me up!)