Thursday, December 9, 2010

Five reasons for this post

In no particular order:
1. Its 'steal your heart for all time' adorable when Judah pulls himself up to the piano & plays and sings his own little tunes.
2. Poor little fella has had a nasty cold, as evidenced by the raw face from constant wiping. I'll be putting vaseline on it tonight before bed...any other remedies out there, mommies?
3. Belle is a little fashionista - she even designed her own dress made out of left over tissue paper and tulle and modeled it for Aron and I.
4. One last look at the Mo-Mullet before it gets a little trim. Emphasis on little.
Aron insists this look is all the rage among the European soccer stars, but is in agreement that the tail is getting out of control in proportion to the hair on the sides of his head. We don't want our son to be mistaken for offspring of Joe Dirt.
5. And to wish you a beautiful Friday, full of love & joy.

much love

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beckyjomama said...

Sweet Izzy-B has a future in fashion! She is GOR-GE-OUS! Love that sweet girl. And my J-cub ... poor fella. I have some stuff from Kathy C that always worked on Sophie's face. I will bring it on Sunday. And I am gonna miss the baby mullet. Cannot believe how big he is getting.