Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Lovely Are Thy Branches

Our faithful species - ye Ole Douglas Fir -
has taken its rightful place in the Haven of Kirk.
We almost deviated to a Fraser Fir this year, but sentiment wouldn't allow us.

"What? Mess with tradition? What you talkin' about, Willis?"
A little sibling King of the Mountain match
"I saw. I conquered...the rocking chair." Good thing Santa (read, Grandma) will be bringing another one this Christmas.
The beads were by far the favorite among the natives.
And what cute, friendly natives they are.

And one new addition this year.
Do you see them?
Look a little closer!

A whimsical little duo. Salt and Pepper never looked so charming!
They belonged to my Mammaw, and I can't help but smile everytime I look at them.
Aron told me, " I capital L-O-V-E' them."
That makes me capital G-I-D-D-Y with delight.
I love that my hub cherishes a rare treasure as much as I do.

FaLaLaLaLa, LaLa La LA!

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