Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Go-To Photo Company of Choice

Christmastime is glorious.
It really is.
There is more twinkle in your heart, more joy in the air.
And its the only month of the year that we actually enjoy fetching our mail.

The photo card is a rather recent phenomenon. And though at times I've often wondered to myself, "Are we being narcissistic? Are we blindly vain? To place our own portrait on the front of a card instead of that of the baby King or angels or wise men following a star?" Sometimes I still wrestle with the thought, but I can't deny the joy we feel as the cards start to arrive in numbers, and we fill our fridge and drape our doorways with the faces of so many precious ones we've met along the way.
And a beautiful new tradition (I believe we got the idea from the Bramletts) - every night we take our cards to the dinner table & say a special prayer and blessing over the families who've sent us a card that day (we pray for you even if you don't send us a Shutterfly photocard...hehe).

When it comes time for making our own Christmas cards, Shutterfly has our business. Each year I look forward to choosing from the many designs, and they offer such great discounts ($10 off, 30% off, free shipping), I find they are more affordable than competitor sites. And you can't beat the quality. Here are a few from years passed:

We've also chosen Shutterfly to create calenders as Christmas gifts. Check it out here to make your own.
Hey, and while we're on the topic of Christmas gifts from Shutterfly...Santa, I've always wanted one of these...
I love photos. I love photos of you on my fridge. I love photos on Christmas cards in my mailbox. And, I love Shutterfly. They've even offered a promotion to us blogger fans - 50 free photocards for confessing to all of you our die-hard love for them. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

So now the secrets out. Shutterfly is the place for your Christmas Card Magic Making. Super cute, ultra-easy, & very affordable.

Watching for your face in my mailbox,

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Kelli said...

That Joy card from you is still one of my all time favorites! Here's another shutterfly deal for bloggers... after you make a project (for example your Christmas Cards) click on share. It will give you the option of sharing on your blog and will give you a $25 credit. I'm planning on using my credit to create a photo gift for my parents Christmas gift!