Monday, December 20, 2010

He Said, She Said - Christmas Interview

*Photo taken last night (late, late, late) while wrapping gifts. Aron's pose is a tribute to all the boys in Thailand in the House of Blessing (the orphanage our church built & supports). A team from church just returned from there, and the boys loved to pose like this in every picture. Our friends would say, "Lookin' good!" (in Thai), and the boys would all spontaneously strike this pose. We love it!

Favorite Song?
Aron: Too many to pick just one, but here's a few: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", "So This is Christmas (War is Over)", "Christmas Canon", Transiberian Orchestra's "Carol of the Bells", "The Night Before Christmas" by Steven Curtis Chapman, "I heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by Casting Crowns, and all the carols.
Erica: "Oh Holy Night" (when Berni sings it), otherwise, "The Christmas Song" (Nat King Cole)

Favorite Tradition?
Aron: Two things: 1.) Definitely, the ornaments we make for each other. 2.) Singing majestic "The first Noel", "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", "Angels We Have Heard on High", etc.
Erica: Making ornaments for each other every year (we're up to 10 a piece).

What bugs me most...
Aron: Two things: 1.) Santa Clause often receives more glory & praise than Jesus. 2.) Really cheesy, fluffy music that means nothing and has nothing to do with Christmas (i.e. "Grandma Got Ran over by a Reindeer"
Erica: Perhaps the giant inflatable lawn decor? Or when churches have wise men bowing at the manger in their lawn nativity sets. It seems like they should be way off in the parking lot or something.
Lights - Colored or White?
Aron: White.
Erica: Big Fat Colored or small, glowing white

Favorite Memory?
Aron: Christmas at 4 years old: It was a Sunday morning, and I opened a cowboy hat, a karate outfit, and my first guitar. And then we went to church.
Erica: Reading the Christmas Story before opening gifts each year.

Christmas in a cup?
Aron: My wife's Christmas latte
Erica: Egg Nog (ie. instant weight gain in a cup!)

Fruit Cake or Popcorn Tin?
Aron: Neither.
Erica: ummm...they're probably both going in the garbage when we get home. Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo...

Most Hated Song?
Aron: "Santa Baby".
Erica: "Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer." I get angry just thinking about it.

The nativity character I most identify with?
Aron: the shepherd on a hillside at night.
Erica: the angels (wink, wink). No, I kid. I really meant the wise men. (HaHa.) I kid again. Hmmm...probably Mary. Just trying to wrap my mind around the miracle of the tiny babe inside.

Christmas in a bite?
Aron: Oh, there's lots! Fudge, Grandma's Peanut Butter Bars, Buckeyes, mom-in-law's Date Pinwheel cookies, mom's BIG noodles, Denise Timm's whipped cream cookies, and walnuts.
Erica: Date. Pinwheel. Cookies. enough said.

Favorite Movie?
Aron: tie between "The Nativity" and "A Christmas Story" (my family watched this every year growing up)
Erica: "Elf"; "Polar Express" is a close second. Both for sentimental reasons.

A Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!


Amber said...

Erica, I LOVE the big, fat colored lights and DESPISE yard inflatables too!

j said...

you guys are cute! my top Christmas movies are the 4 you listed!

and i have been thinking of berni singing Oh Holy Night for weeks now...please say it will happen Aron?

p.s. my sister has that same green wrapping paper. i love it! (i have a bit of a wrapping paper obsession....)