Saturday, February 12, 2011


Moments before you would never believe the alligator tears rolling off this precious face.
"DAH-DEEEE" and "Sissss" were off to the library, and because this trip would involve several other stops, Aron thought it best if Judah stayed behind. Smart logic, but our little Lion Cub stood at the door with a crushed spirit not quite understanding. Left with a mountain of Pancake Saturday dishes and a terribly upset toddler, I had an idea; a stroke of genius (or insanity - I think the line between the two is often indistinguishable).
Judah could 'help' me do dishes. Distraction for him, dishes for me. We both would be happy.
I realized quickly I wouldn't be getting many dishes done.

But who can really do chores next to such a charming little dude. I had to stop to take him in.
Remember him just this way.

Splashing turned into cupfuls of water dumped over eager head.

Soaked to the diaper and shivering something fierce, I stripped Judah naked and snuggled him close.

Warm and dry, and ready for some more fun.
"What can we get into now, Mom?!"

He's a live wire.
And I love it,

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pkgormong said...

that is so funny! What a cute boy! Growing up already, huh?