Sunday, February 20, 2011


I overheard a tender moment today. I'm scooping it up, tucking it down, and etching it in time for safe keeping.

Aron loves to watch movies. If watching movies side by side in complete and utter concentration were a love language, I would say that were his. But its not. Aron was watching Russell Crowe's Master and Commander this afternoon; I really gave it my best effort to endure through it, but alas I could bear it no more (BOR-ING). Just after my leaving the room, Judah wandered over and joined his daddy - silent, but very attentive. And he stayed that way. I'm convinced its a guy thing.

Out of the silence I hear Aron talking to Judah, "Will you always watch movies with me? Hmm? When you get older, we can watch Last of the Mohicans and The Patriot and Lord of the Rings. We'll watch all kinds of good movies together. Will you be my best friend in a few years? You know, when you get over this whole "Mom-Thing"?

I have a feeling Judah would answer a resounding "Yes!" if he had any idea what his daddy were talking about. But for now, by his daddy's side is right where he wants to be. And I'm pretty sure Aron has found a life long friend (and movie partner) in Judah Paul. And from the looks of his attention span during the Steve Vai dvd they just finished, he may have a band mate too. Heaven help me if I have two shredders in this house!


Sardinia said...

love it. So proud of the DADDY that my brother is. So Proud of you all. keep abiding. love u. alyssa d.

j said...

that's too sweet...leaving me to smile big :)