Monday, February 7, 2011


Guess what? It snowed. Again. Another 5 or 6 inches this weekend.

While I was supposed to be cleaning up Pancake Saturday dishes, I couldn't step away from the windows as I watched my family play. It was then that I caught Aron and the kids face planting in the snow eating it.

And one last one because Belle wanted her grandmas to see her all dressed up as Ariel with her updo and sparklies (which she did all by herself - the sparklies that is). Aren't her poses the best? I don't know where she gets her girly, prissy ways. I really don't. What? Why are you laughing?

And in the midst of struggle I find myself blanketed in His love.
Again and again, like the snow that just. keeps. coming.
At just the right time, a friend pulls me aside, offers words of hope.
Or a phone call from one so dear, saying I have been on her heart, and she is lifting me up, though we haven't spoken in years.
Moments of laughter, moments of acceptance - despite oh so many flaws -
Moments of forgiveness and just plain being;
These are nurturing to me.
I can't figure out why He loves us like He does.
Or how He patiently endures our ever so delicate emotional states.
Maybe it is as Beth Moore says, "Jesus knows its scary being us."
Maybe he empathizes more than we can know, and so the Spirit intercedes in our weakness.
I can testify to this.
In my hanging by a thread moments, moments failed at faith,
When I am least deserving of His attention, His affection, His pursuit,
He shows up, and hovers in my chaos,
A light in my darkness, bringing order and beauty.
He's just perfect like that.
Irresistibly perfect.



Jeff said...

I came across your site from a Google alert I have for my song "Hanging By A Thread" as it was just released on Rock Band. Strange how God weaves our paths together, even if momentarily, at just the right time to encourage and lift our souls.
Thanks for you words. They lifted my heart this morning.
Jeff Orr

j said...

I most wholeheartedly agree...couldn't have said it better. My post this morning (or at least my feelings going into the post) echo exactly what you write. Praying for and loving you Erica!

grandma jackie said...

miss Belle you look soooo beautiful!Love you and hope you had fun playing in the snow with daddy. you did such a good job on your sparklies!!! :)

Heather Metzger said...

Hello, Erica! Thank you for your delicate and oh so true words. I appreciate them so much right now!