Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To quote my husband, "Alive with the Glory of Love"

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

We recited this scripture over breakfast (with my barely awake girl; I pulled her out of bed at 10 am as her date with daddy would be in only 2 hours and I had made her favorite breakfast: french toast!).

"I've never had heart french toast before, mommy!" She ate every last bite.

She'd had her dress and earrings picked out for days! Anxiously awaiting her daddy's arrival - watching at the window for him to come in the front door. He came in the back and snuck up behind her!

Belle was delighted!

The other night Isabelle and I were praying at bedtime, and I began praying for the man she will one day marry - that he will grow to love Jesus and be strong and brave and full of integrity. After I'd finished she said, "Mom, are we praying for Daddy? Cause that's who I'm going to marry!"

One thing is for sure: when the time comes for a young man to court our girl, she will know what it is to be loved, pursued, cherished by the guardian of her heart, her daddy.

She was just beside herself to place her flowers in water. But wait...not quite right...

A little tea towel on the table and voila!

And a gift from daddy to his littlest valentine!

Belle filled a heart shaped box (which she decorated) with paper hearts. On each one she wrote what she loved about her daddy. Here are a few:
"Daddy paints the world"
"He is the best!"

Judah looking on.

I am well aware my son will most likely hate these photos one day, but who can resist a little cupid?

Aron and I had a lovely date, and though we took our camera along, we never quite found the right opportunity to capture the moment. Some moments are best stored in the heart, shared between only two souls. Last night was one of those times.

I will say that I was most surprised by the date he planned, but his gift to me is what floored me. I never expected it!
I opened the card, filled with beautiful words that stirred me to tears.
After reading the lyrics to one of my favorite songs that he's written,
"Let's take it slowly,
like we're dancing.
In a dream we
Can be anything..."
I saw it:
Private dancing lessons for the two of us...just for fun. Private...eeek? I'm having Dancing with Stars visions of fear (Aron said he's really nervous too!!) He said its nothing he would ever (EVER) chose for himself, but he knew I'd love it. He is so thoughtful that way. How fun! Our first lesson is in one week!

Overwhelmed with LOVE.
So undeserving of it, but so alive in its purity,


j said...

Oh, I could never tire of watching Daddy's dote on their girls and daughters soak in the love of their Daddy's. It warms my heart like cozy chamomile tea warms my tummy!

I loved your Valentine breakfast for Belle...complete with doilies and all! She looks so grown up in that breakfast photo.

Your cupid is so stinkin' cute, but I think you are right...he's NOT going to like those photos some day! You'll have some explaining to do Mama!

Glad you and Aron found time to celebrate. I couldn't agree more, some moments are best reserved for the memory of our hearts. Those tend to be the ones we store up and treasure the most.

Have fun getting your dance on! Woohoo!

Denise said...

Enjoy your dance lessons. Remember to let him lead, that can sometimes be hard to remember! lol!!!

grandma jackie said...

absolutely melts my heart!