Monday, March 2, 2009

15 weeks

I lost week 14 in the flurry of activity preparing for our big weekend, but there's plenty to share about our 15th week to make up for it!

Little love is 4 inches or so - the size of an apple. Yesterday I had a first for this pregnancy. In the morning upon waking, my tummy has a hard ball shifted either to the left or right (depending on the side upon which I awake) while the other side remains flat. I remember how strange this was when I first experienced this with Belle, but this time I am just thrilled to be able to feel that little ball and know its my baby. And I am so excited to be feeling the baby moving already!

What a phenominal process this is! I told Aron I feel bad for him that he doesn't get to experience it. He laughed at me. Apparently he has no desire to experience what it is like to grow a baby inside of you - especially come birthing time. I suppose that is why God "made them male and female".

Belle is still very confused believing the baby is in her belly. I am so excited for her to feel the baby move. What a sacred gift the family is to humanity! There is nothing in all the universe like it. I sat on the couch this morning holding my two year old, breathing in her scent and rubbing her skin, and soaking in the reality of her brother or sister just beside her. The richness of that moment was overwhelming, and I could not ask for anything more. It is so easy to become distracted by the things of this world that I give my heart over to, but I realized those longings pale in comparison to the life I am able to participate in on a daily basis.



j said...

Awe...that's so cool! (I thought I might have felt the baby flutter yesterday, but can't be certain.) You are so cute pregnant with your little self! and Belle is going to be the sweetest big sister. If your heart feels like it can't possibly melt anymore, just wait.

beckyjomama said...

Belle cracks me up - one week she told me baby is a sister (with a name I could not understand), but the week before she said it is a brother named "Hairbrush". I think I laughed so hard I cried!!!!

PS - I hope you are gonna post some ordination pics!

Love you guys :)