Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Domestic Front

This video is for the grandparents - nothing special, just a little conversation I captured.

Additionally, we are now 16 weeks...4 months! I don't know how its happening so quickly. I'm finally getting a little bump - proof below!
And one more highlight. Last night Belle slept in the big girl bed in her room. I went in this morning to greet her and layed down next to her to chat. She kept snuggling into her 'sos' and grinning, while I just rubbed her back. She turned over, so I started rubbing her belly. Without missing a beat she said,
"I got a baby in my belly."
"You do?" I asked.
"Yep, there's a baby in der."
"Ohhh, I see."
"Daddy has a baby in her belly too."
"You mean his belly?"
"Yes. Daddy has a baby in her belly too."
"He's gonna be thrilled to hear this."
She's beginning to be enchanted by the idea. This is my 'pregnant' toddler.
a cantaloupe!
I just can't fathom another baby. - what they will look like or act like. Today I was looking at a few picts from when Belle was a little baby, and my heart just ached cause she is growing up so fast!


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beckyjomama said...

She is so stinkin' sweet!!! And - AAAAWWWWWEEE, you have a belly! LOVE it!