Thursday, March 19, 2009

my babies

Upon waking this morning, Belle ran to the sink to brush her teeth...apparently, I need to feed her some extra cinnamon rolls so she can keep her britches up. She's getting sooooo big. When she finishes she shouts, "ALL CLEAN!!!" and makes this face to show me what a good job she did.
Speaking of sooooo big, little brother or sister is also getting soooo big - 17 weeks now! Reaching 5 inches long and 5 ounces, baby's cartilage bones are turning to mineralized bone and fat deposits are now forming under the skin. We are weeks away from knowing what sex little baby is. Mommy is feeling baby quite often now, and every time she does she is falling more in love with him/her!


beckyjomama said...

She looks like she is feeling better - I am soo happy!

Denise said...

Too cute! I love her all clean face.

j said...

London "britches" falling down! How cute. My kids give a prideful "All Clean" face too after brushing.

Belle sure has grown up a lot over these past months. Just read your previous post...glad to hear she is feeling better, and always thrilled to hear that baby 2 is doing well!