Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday - a day late!

In honor of Aron's 25th birthday, here are 25 random facts about the birthday boy. Enjoy!

25. At our cousins, Josh & Kim's wedding, Aron & the other groomsmen came parading out as the village people & led the whole party in "YMCA". It was pretty hysterical.24. As a child (and dare I say grown-up) Aron & his brother, Ben, would wait until everyone went to bed and slit the tape to peek at their Christmas gifts. Then they'd carefully tape the packages back together so mom & dad wouldn't know they'd been naughty.23. He craves the outdoors. Given the choice between a night on the town & a 5 star dinner or a night around the campfire sleeping between the hard ground and the vast starry sky, he'd choose the latter - hands down.22. He's quite the daredevil (that's him in the orange jumping & then flipping off a cliff in a cenote in a Mexican jungle). As a child he & his cousins would cut vines that were entangled in treetops in the woods and make vine-swings. He broke his nose participating in this activity.(this is him cutting down a vine to make a swing)21. Yet this daredevil seemed to have lost his nerve when it came time to deliver our first baby. When the discussion arose, he vehemently refused to cut the umbilical cord as this was repulsive to him. However, in the heat of the moment, Dr. Rojas handed the scissors to Aron & said, "Cut. Here". He caved under the pressure!
20. To Aron, there is no food like chocolate food. And his momma's Texas Sheet Cake tops his list of favorites. He has been known to eat half the cake in one sitting.
19. Aron excels at any sport he tries and can play any instrument within 1 hr of picking it up. I know, very frustrating for the rest of us.18. As a fifteen year old, Aron told me "One day, I'm gonna marry you." Turns out he was right.17. When Belle was a newborn, Aron's favorite time was "skin to skin" time. They'd cuddle under a blanket just her soft skin against his bare chest. They say this is great for newborns, but judging from Aron's reaction, I think its even better for daddies.
16. To my humiliation, Aron sported a "Fu Manchu" for a few weeks in college.
15. And was so sweet as to sport it to my nursing pinning.
14. He also sported a lip ring, which he still wears now & then to feel tough.
13. Now, however, nothing makes him feel tougher than his newly acquired title of "Reverend". 12. He & his college roommate, Jeremiah, found a dead raccoon that they strategically tied behind their prankster friend's car.
11. He loves to hike, and this is one of his favorite spots where we're from in Southern Ohio: Buzzards Roost.10. A man of many talents: every once in a while he'll trim my hair for me to save me the hassle of going to the salon.
9. Whenever he ventures into nature, you can bet he's got a hatchet or a knife or multiple weapons around his waist. His cousin Josh is the same way. These boys are wild at heart...pardon the pun.

8. He has written over 5o songs. A few of which he's had the privilege of playing at friends' weddings.
7. From what I've been told, Aron was quite the entertainer as a child. I'm sure you can figure out which one is him, but in case you're having trouble, bottom row, 4th child from the left.

6. The summer before we married, he traveled in a worship band all over the country. This is in Maryland; after boating on Chesapeake Bay, they pulled the boat up to a bayside restaurant and enjoyed freshly caught crab.5. If its Halloween & Aron's dressing up, you can bet he'll be sporting man-tights in some fashion.
4. His favorite time of day is in the cool of the evening when the sun begins to forfeit its light. He loves to take his guitar outside and sing at the top of his lungs into the amber sky.
3. His ideal vacation is anywhere on the beach where he can boogie-board and play football in the waves.2. He's a very lucky guy at Cincinnati Reds games. He once caught a homerun ball & made it on the ESPN highlights of the game. Another time he & his buddies Ben & Jerod were featured on the big screen during an inning change. 1. Aron used to love to play a game in college & high school called, "Imagine If...". We would dream up circumstances and scenarios our lives together might bring...someday. We would talk of normal things like a home together and what our children might look like. And we would dream of impossible things like owning a huge farm which we would name "Kirk Haven" or being on tour. Our life may not look exactly like the perfect future we envisioned, but I can't imagine a more perfect reality than our life together just as it is. Happy 25th birthday, baby! I can't wait to live life along side of you another year!


Amber said...

How sweet! I love that you had pictures for each one.

The picture of you two in b&w with your foot up in the air is my absolute favorite picture.

Happy Birthday Aron! I still feel like I'm 25. It's a good number to stick with.

Woollard House said...


Woollard House said...

Srry that last comment was by me Eli!!I always forget to put eqw

Denise said...

That fu-man-chu was scccaaarrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beckyjomama said...

So sweet ... but in the pic for #16 he looks like he just came out of some old cop movie - like Dirty Harry or something. Keep expecting to hear some disco/adventure soundtrack in the background!!!

Woollard House said...

Had so much fun reading this. luv ya

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Aron! What a sweet wife you have.

Oh, and just a word of warning- Max tried to call Belle on the phone today. Just wait until he knows his numbers!