Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ready, Set, GUESS!!!

We're home & armed with lots of pictures. Our ultrasound tech thought our baby was so cute she just kept printing more and more pictures. She kept saying how photogenic little baby is! Plus we actually got 2 sessions because baby wasn't postioned right to be able to see the heart. So after our first session was over, she sent Aron down to get me a Starbucks...hoping baby would repostion with a little sugar and caffiene. Then we got a whole 'nother session about 30 minutes later. Meet the newest little Kirk! Look at how sweet those lips are!

I love this one because if you look closely, you can see two hands!
Okay, here it is: the money shot. Now I've included NO anatomical markers at all. You are on your own!!

The coolest part of the ultrasound was when the baby was rubbing its eyes and then it started opening and closely its mouth like it was yawning or singing or something. I wish we could have had that on video!

Okay, so submit your guesses NOW!! And remember to include a name for double entry into the drawing. The contest will end at 9:00 pm tommorrow night (WEDNESDAY), April 1. No joke. At which time, we will identify the sex of the baby & the winner of the contest!

We love you. Thanks for sharing in this with us!

aron, erica, & belle


beckyjomama said...

I am gonna say a girl and you should name her Becky Jo :)

I am guessing a girl because I REALLY think it's a boy and I am NEVER right about these things! And I am choosing Becky Jo because OF COURSE you would want to name her after someone you love!!!!!

(or at least someone who loves you a whole stinkin bunch!!!)

PS - if it IS a boy, the boy names I always wanted and never got to use were Elijah, Benjamin & Isaac.

Woollard House said...

Alyssa says: girl-Noel

Becky Rumbuc said...

Wow, this is hard. I'm usually pretty good at ultrasound shots. God knows I've had enough of them:) If it's a picture of it's bottom looking up, it's a girl. If it's a close up, it looks like it could be a boy....hmm... I'm going to call boy, just because Aron wants one! Can't wait to find out! Praise God for a healthy baby!

Amber said...

For crying out loud I see a girl part and a boy part in there. You could have at least given us an arrow! I'm going to study it some more and ask my husband for his opinion.

Amber said...

Ok, I'm going to say girl. I think that is the bum and that is the face in the top. The part that seemed like it could be a boy part just seems to be the wrong size.

Now onto the fun I had looking up names. I made this FUN (for me).

Since you have an A, E and I---I wanted to suggest an O name and I picked one based on the meanings.

The boy O that I picked was Obadiah cause it meant servant of God, and if you called him Obi for short---Obi means heart.

But since I'm saying girl...I had 2 picks. The common O being Olivia. I found two meanings for that one. One was elf army which I liked cause it kind of goes with Erica's, but the better meaning was Olive Tree which symbolizes: fruitfulness, beauty, dignity and peace. The O girl name that I like the best is Odelia which means I Will Thank God.

I think it's a girl though. That so can't be a boy part. If it is a boy that still can't possibly be the boy part.


I do love the foot picture though.

Becky said...

I forgot a name...I like Ava (or Rebecca, of course) for a girl and Levi for a boy!

Angie Mayle said...

I like this game. its fun! I'm saying boy. as for a name, i'll suggest the one we picked Liam which means resolute protector in its irish background and in Hebrew it means my people my nation.

Denise said...

I say a boy named Elijah.

You look too cute with your baby tummy!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your son's name will have a great family ring, Aron Don Paul Douglas Kirk.You can't go wrong.All our love, Grandpa Gardner

Kasey said...

Definitely a boy!

I have no clue as far as names, though. I like Samuel, but that is our pick if we ever have another boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Has to be the boy I always wanted, I am tired of making my girls into tomboys and buying girly stuff. It is time for some down and dirty boy toys. Right Aron - you could play too!! Especially with all of my star trek figures. Forget the barbies. As for a name - Captain Gene Kirk. Mammaw Jean

j said...

I am definitely saying boy! And as for a name.....I think you should name him "Captain"

OK...that gives me 2 votes! I will have Darcy analuze when he gets home...Oh the agony of waiting till tomorrow night???!!!

j said...

P.S. those profile pics always melt my heart...baby ? looks wonderful!

Kelly said...

Rachel's entry when asked what Isabelle was going to have a sister or a brother, she replied, "a girl and name her Rachel like me". Kelly's entry is, and we'll go with the girl theme, a... GIRL (haha) and I like her for Naomi, Natalie, Carly or Emma Rose. Ok by the post can you tell these were some of my fav's that we didn't use for our girls. By the way, I think you're looking pregnant today. YIPEE

Anonymous said...

I say BOY! I have names I have worked on....I had 4 girl names too but those are long deleted. LOL!
TOBY meaning is God is good
BENNETT meaning little blessed one
CHRISTIAN meaning follower of Christ

Also, my favorite but you like most will probably think it is off the charts ODD. Cody (I have to give credit where credit is due) liked NOBLE. It kinda says it all...wish I would have thought of it. Course not that it would have done me any good!
It means: Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor
*shannon's guess

Aron and Erica said...

a couple of guesses from facebook:

Kevin Caullay at 5:51pm March 31
I say a boy & suggest the name 'Captain' :-)

Mandy Adkins Arledge at 6:33pm March 31
Its a boy!!

loving your names, everyone!
Aron & I are experiencing so much joy at your suggestions! We keep running into the computer to check!

Jeanine said...

Congrats! Looks all boy to me ;) I like the one name suggestion Elijah...I've also always been partial to Joel (that was my vote for William but you see where that one went LOL)!


Woollard House said...

I think its a boy. The name should be Preston, Eli(of course), Aron, or Joshua.


Woollard House said...

I also meant to say Seth......... forgot about that one.


Kelli said...

Boy oh Boy! I feel pretty confident in my answer without reading any other responses. No medical advantage here but I do have 2 boys so I had an idea what to look for on that ultrasound. I guess it could be the embilical cord but I doubt it.

My name suggestion is Isaiah from Hebrew meaning "God is salvation."

Congratulations Kirks! I think you are adding to Team Blue!!

Kelli said...

Derek says girl (but he never looked at the money shots because he wanted to be surprised!)

His name suggestion is Eero which is scandinavian and means ruler. But he says you should spell it Ero.

My disclaimer- I think he means to be funny.

Kelli said...

After reading all the comments and studying the picture I think Amber could be onto something. It could be a little foot in motion that is creating the image of the boy part. But I'm sticking with my answer because I'm hoping Team Blue for you.

Aron and Erica said...

another one from facebook:

Barby Lundsten Knepper at 10:31pm March 31
Craig guesses 'boy' and name him Fred (a good rocker name).

I'll guess girl and name her Ruby or Clara.

grandma jackie said...

Well, my first comment didnt show up and Im kinda glad now. Got some new ideas!I think Iv got another little grandson and kinda stealing mammaw Jeans idea and think maybe he should be named Captain "Jack" Kirk!actually , I do think the pictures a little hard to define but sticking with my guess.I also like the name Cody Paul,Elijah Paul,Malachi, to name a few. If the babys a girl I like Emma ,Sara,Whitley,JAcqueline Jean,anyway,I also like the name Chritain for a boy.Love you guys. cant wait till 9pm tomorrow

papa kirk said...

Leon Paul Kirk

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like a boy, but you said you got lots of pictures and I think you'd try to trick us by choosing to post the picture that would look like a boy. So, I'm going with girl and I like the name Madelyn!!!


grandma jackie said...

I forgot to say I think the little profile pic is so cute and I even think it looks like a boy profile. Boy ,am I gonna be changen my tune if its a girl. Love you guys. momma

Anonymous said...

Wow, what sweet little pics of that
baby! So clear!
Our guess is going to be a boy,
we like the name Aidan, which means "little fire." Plus, it flows well with Kirk...lol
But I also found this...
"St Aidan was the founder of the monastery of Lindisfarne in north England. He is credited with the restoration of Christianity to Northumbria." (wherever that is)
Love you all!
The Caullay's

Anonymous said...

i say boy and i think ezekiel don kirk is a nice name :) ((((but if it's a girl it better be ______ elizabeth Kirk :))))))))

*beth's guess!

Aron and Erica said...

Kelly - I agree...definately look prego today! Where was that belly on Sunday?!? See what I mean? Some days you can really tell...others not hardly at all.

I did make an orange creamsicle cake Sunday night and have had a piece daily faithfully since then. That must be it:)

Mary Dillard Koll said...

Hey, guys!!! Erica you are looking gorgeous!! My guess is a girl, and my name suggestion is Tessa because it is a classic feminine name like Isabelle.

Kim said...

I say a boy? At least I could actually SEE a baby in the ultrasound... generally I just have to pretend because it all looks fuzzy to me. So, good news: I can definitely tell you are having a baby.

Now it's just 50/50. I'll go BOY: Ethan David (Strong Beloved).

Amber said...

Erica, it's ok if you stalk me. I never mind and I really never pay attention to that.

Tara Halt said...

Had to look at this from a few angles and step back to look at it. One of my problems is I can't identify the umbilical cord, if it is in this pic. Otherwise, I have figured out the angle at which the pic was taken. Being one of those people that decided that they don't want children (please don't think any less of me. I love to look at them, hold them, play with them and I'll even change diapers. Just don't want one of my own.) When I was younger I liked the name Emma (or Emily) Rose. However that name is out, as you already have a child with that middle name.

Back to the original topic.....
After doing a little bit of research (thank you,Google) I'm guessing that it is a.....

Now, for a name.....
I actually came up with a few:

Abigail(Hebrew)- 1Sam 25:3-the father's joy

Faith(Latin)-1Cor 13:13-loyalty;belief (faith is also something that all Christians must have, thus extremely important)

Joanna(Hebrew)-Luke 8:3-grace or gift of the Lord

Sarai(Hebrew)-Gen 17:15-my lady;my princess (If it is a girl, she will be a princess because her Father is the King of Kings.)

As for combinations of the above names, I like:

Abigail Joanna (you could call her Abby for short if you wanted to)

Joanna Faith

Faith Sarai

Abigail Sarai

I apologize for this being so long, but I really wanted to make sure that I found some names that have important meanings.

Whether it be a boy or girl, praise God for a new life! May she/he grow up to be an awesome person living for the Lord!

In Him,
Tara Halt

Amanda said...

I'm going to guess girl and Addison for a name.

Anonymous said...

I say Boy and name him Jackson after my favorite singer since Ben will never let me name my son that if we have another.

I am guessing for Ben, is that fair? I will say Girl because Ben says that Aron has girly sperm! :) and say to name it Lillian Annabelle after Belle.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! danielle, i can't believe that you will make public that your favorite singer is michael jackson! do NOT name a baby after him! i'm going to have to call you--i'm sorry, but i support my brother on that one.

i love how my father was so descriptive and gave so much detail, time, and thought to his entry. it's really perfect.

my guess: i have to say girl. i know nothing about ultrasound pics i just have a feeling aron is going to follow in dad's footsteps and have 2 girls and then the boys will come. i guess we'll know in a few hours.

i'll give you some of my name suggestions (sorry, but the ones we may choose won't be included :) ) however, some of the ones i LOVE brian says NO to so they will be on the list--i guess it wouldn't be so awful to have 2 beautiful baby cousins with the same names! so girl names:
Briella-woman of God
Kye-a church or wood
Maggie-child of light
Imojean or Imogene-image, likeness

And just for fun some boys names:
William-resolute guardian
Joshua-I like Eli's idea :)
Matthew-gift of God
Kye-a church or wood
Deacon-one who serves
Joseph-God will add
Josiah-fire of the Lord
Ezekial-strength of God

Sorry, I guess you can tell how much Brian and I aren't agreeing on names. These are all from my lists! Hope they may inspire you!

-Aunt Kara
give Belle kisses for me

Amber said...

I forgot to tell you that you should totally keep Paul in the name if it is a boy, I do love that name and it'd be cute to have it for 3 generations.

Constance said...

I am saying "Boy" and I suggest the name Jeremiah Daniel Kirk. Jeremiah means "God will uplift." We know our world needs some to uplift others. Daniel means "judgement of God."

great grandma howard said...

i say girl!for a name I choose;Anna or Emma Jean.

Anonymous said...

hello...it's 9:01...
kara e